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An Introduction to Sustainable Green Engineering Part 1Take your skills to the next level, and meet your CEU and PDH requirements with a variety of education courses offered by IEEE. IEEE now offers a featured topic on Green Energy. Popular courses include:

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Singapore's road to water self-sufficiencyIEEE Spectrum Reports: Singapore's Road to Water Self-Sufficiency

It's hard to convince people that drinking recycled wastewater is a good idea. But for the bustling city-state of Singapore, it's better than the alternatives. Singapore's leaders and researchers have worked hard to educate the public about the benefits of water recycling, and now they envision the island as a global water-technology hub.

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A Nuclear Waste Repository Grows In FinlandIEEE Spectrum Reports: A Nuclear Waste Repository Grows In Finland

The mystery of how to dispose of radioactive waste has remained unsolved since the dawn of the nuclear power industry more than half a century ago. Temporary storage sites require humans to monitor their safety--a solution that doesn't work well when the material will remain dangerously radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years. Finland, however, has made substantial progress toward building a final home for its waste.

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