From our communication in late September 2018, you will have heard that we have been planning an online symposium focusing on the science and technology of a future environmental monitoring system.

As we worked on the technical program for the event, it became clear that your expectations were more complex and specialized than we had initially thought. From an earth science perspective, we were extremely fortunate to connect with many of the required speakers very quickly. However, finding a complete complement of scientists from outside IEEE and engineers from within, proved to be too much within the tight timescales we had set ourselves.

It is with profound disappointment that we have to tell you that the event is being put on hold until we can provide you with the quality that you expect from IEEE and our partners.

We would like to thank everyone who put in so much effort to help us get to this point. To our friends at AMS, AGU, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and our colleagues within IEEE, thank you.

Prof. René GARELLO - Event Organizer
Fellow IEEE
Directeur GIS Bretel
Past President IEEE OES
Lab-STICC UMR 6285